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Funny Nurse T Shirts

funny nurse t shirts

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13 1/2 months old

13 1/2 months old

Adelaide is already 13 1/2 months old! We cannot get over how fast she is growing up. Already she is no longer a baby but a little girl.

These days Addie is beginning to run... she walks everywhere and hardly ever crawls anymore, except for when we are playing chase! Everyday she does something new. Today she kept going down on all four hands and feet, and then looking back under between her legs, and laughing like a wild maniac child at us.

Adelaide also likes to pick up big things - such as cushions or the cats - and when she does so she makes these loud groaning noises! Poor Elliot, I dont think he knows what to do when she is trying to pick him up, groaning away... She hasn't managed to quite yet (he is about the same size as her!)

Lately Addie has also learned to stack and nest things. She loves playing with her stacking blocks that Sean and Fattie got her for her birthday. She gives a satisfying ahah! when she stacks the correct blocks in together.

Addie has these crazy little wild fingers and loves to use them. It's amazing to watch. She'll run up to my keyboard, take a breath, and then madly off her fingers go, chopping at the keys like wild. She is so funny.

I've also noticed that Addie is getting more and more into her books. She brings books to me and moans until we sit and read them together. Today I noticed that she began pointing at objects in the books and moaning until I would say it's name (ball, tree, sun, mouse) I have been trying to be a good example and have been reading a lot myself (for example, when nursing) and we have all sorts of books all over the house. Addie has been so entertaining that we rarely, if ever, turn the TV on anymore.

Adelaide very much loves sorting things. She will go from room to room moving objects about. For example, she will go to her room, open her dresser drawer, and one by one take out her pants and bring them to the other room where she will neatly pile them all together somewhere. She does this over and over. I also find her sorting through her clothes, she takes a shirt up, folds it all up, and then places it to the side. and then another, over and over. I believe that she is mimicking me as to when I fold the laundry. I think she mimics the things that I do a lot. She is very good at entertaining herself and she always has these little projects of hers going on, keeping herself busy. Its totally amazing to me to just sit back quietly and watch!

Nurses about 1979

Nurses about 1979

Student Nurses, Tameside General Hospital about 1979. Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire.
Back row left to right
Heather Abbott, Monica Haggart, Rosemary Barlow, Barbara Burton, Mrs Taylor (clinical tutor), Vanessa Dixon, Sandra Radcliffe,Karen Taylor, Erica Hamer
Front left to right
Kath Bailey, Linda McGowan, Len Gellard (tutor), Ita Stubbings, Kath Sheldon

funny nurse t shirts

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