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Boy Scout T Shirt Designs

boy scout t shirt designs

    boy scout
  • a man who is considered naive

  • An honest, friendly, and typically naive man

  • (boy scouts) an international (but decentralized) movement started in 1908 in England with the goal of teaching good citizenship to boys

  • a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts

  • A member of an organization of boys, esp. the Boy Scouts of America, that promotes character, outdoor activities, good citizenship, and service to others

    t shirt
  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • (design) plan something for a specific role or purpose or effect; "This room is not designed for work"

  • Do or plan (something) with a specific purpose or intention in mind

  • (design) plan: make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack"

  • (design) an arrangement scheme; "the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult"; "it was an excellent design for living"; "a plan for seating guests"

  • Decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), typically by making a detailed drawing of it

boy scout t shirt designs - Victorinox Swiss

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Boy Scout Pocket Knife (Red)

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Boy Scout Pocket Knife (Red)

In 1884, Master Cutler Karl Elsener started his cutlery factory in the small village of Ibach, Switzerland. In 1897, he crafted the Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife. Since that time, the Elsener family has continued to craft tools in the Victorinox tradition of in genius design, durability, and quality. This is why all Victorinox multi-tools, made of first class stainless steel, are guaranteed a lifetime against defects in material and workmanship. Remember, If it doesn't say Victorinox, it's not the Original Swiss Army Knife.

From the renowned company that created the Swiss Army knife a century ago comes the Huntsman Boy Scout pocketknife, a compact multi-tool for camping, hiking, hunting, or around-the-house use. Measuring 3.6 inches long, the Huntsman is stylishly cased in the timeless red Swiss Army housing with the familiar Victorinox logo near the top and the official Boy Scout logo near the bottom. More importantly, the unit contains a variety of handy mini-tools for both indoor and outdoor activities, including small and large blades, a can opener with a small screwdriver, a cap lifter with a screwdriver and wire stripper, mini-scissors, a corkscrew, a reamer with a punch, a wood saw, a toothpick, tweezers, a multipurpose hook that acts as a parcel carrier, and a key ring for easy transport.
As with all Victorinox items, the Huntsman Boy Scout is made to exacting standards, with dozens of steps going into its construction. Victorinox attends to every detail, from selecting the finest materials to performing the final inspection. In addition, each individual tool has been hardened in a different way to stand up to its designated use. The Huntsman Boy Scout measures 3.6 by 0.83 by 1.06 (W x H x D), weighs 3.45 ounces, and carries a lifetime warranty.

The Huntsman is cased in a red housing with a Boy Scout logo.
Huntsman Boy Scout Tools

Large blade
Small blade
Can opener with small screwdriver
Bottle opener with large screwdriver
Wire stripper
Wood saw
Reamer with sewing eye
Key ring
About Victorinox
In 1884, Swiss cutler Karl Elsener set up shop in Ibach-Schwyz, installing a waterwheel in Tobelbach Brook to run his grinding and polishing machines. Thus began what would become the international brand name Victorinox, a combination of Victoria, for Elsener's mother, and "inox," or stainless steel. Today, Victorinox produces watches, luggage, clothing, and, famously, Swiss Army Knives. The original product dates to 1897, when Elsener patented the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife he supplied to the Swiss Army. Following World War II, American servicemen and women shopping in PX stores shortened the name to Swiss Army Knife, which lives on in English-speaking countries around the world and has become a metaphor for versatility.

77% (15)

Beach Buddies - or not (6-3-9) #4

Beach Buddies - or not (6-3-9) #4

River Grau skids to a stop once he reaches the railing at the docks. "Beat yeah!" He grins under his mask as he pulls himself ontot he railing and over the other side.

Jaina Lefevre slows down as she reaches the railing and heads for the ramp, skipping down. "That's cause you got faster sneakers. Mine are slow."

River Grau pushes off and lands onto the sandy ground below. "Your sneakers are slow, just like you!" He ran towards the chairs, shuffling sand around.

Jaina Lefevre sticks her tongue out at him and then moves towards the edge of the water. She walks along slow and stops to pick up a bit here and there, then holds them out on her hand. "See? These get washed off and they're pretty."

River Grau nodded and looked over to the little glass peices. "Oh. What did they used to be before they looked like glass? Glass ain't just appear from no where."

Jaina Lefevre shrugs and pushes them around with her finger. "Bottles and jars and plates and cups and stuff. Sometimes they comes from old, old ships that sank ..." she grins up at him. "Like pirates..."

River Grau nodded, sticking his shoe in the water. "Pirates are supposed to be on ships but that Kat lady she was cat gem of the pirates. An' she ain't got a wooden leg or parrot, but she seemed cool. 'Cause -all- pirates are cool."

SierraAlexandria Ahn stands on tiptoes trying to see over the railing"ninjas better the pirates."

Jaina Lefevre looks up at the new girl. "Nuh uh." She curls her fingers around the glass and then hands them to River. "Here...let's keep lookin."

River Grau takes out his phone just to send a text message before slipping it back in his pocket. He looks over his shoulder at the new girl before looking back at Jaina. "Okay." He nudges the ground with his shoe, searching.

Jaina Lefevre watches the new girl go and mutters. "Copycat." about the ponytails. She wanders along the edge of the beach, sneakers getting a little wet as she picks up more seaglass. "Ooh! I got a red one!"

River Grau notices a couple of peices glinting in the sand. Reaching down, he grabs two peices of glass. A green one and a brown one. "Like these? Green is nice, I ain't sure I like the other one." His phone vibrates and he sends off another text.

Luci Jameson hops and jumps down the steps to the beach, a book tucked under her arm. "Hey hey hey hey, Jainey-loo!"

Jaina Lefevre turns as she hears the call. "Luci!" She waves frantically and takes a few steps closer...out of the muddy area. "Look! River and I are findin' more sea glass bits. I got a red one!"

Luci Jameson walks carefully across the beach so she doesn't get sand in her sneakers. "Ya know, I never saw that sh--stuff, before you gave me the one I got. But it's frickin everywhere." She rattles her arm, bracelets jangling. "Got something for youz."

River Grau threw away the brown one from his pile and hodlds up the green one to show Luci. "An' I gotta green one. Mine is nicer."

Jaina Lefevre looks at River and grins, then shoves her bits of glass into her bag. "You got somethin' for me?" She pats her bag. "I got jeans. I made sure, so we could do an 'venture."

Luci Jameson grins down at the bear mask. "You got a face under there, little dude? I like green AND red, ya know." She unties one of the bracelets around her wrist, a brand spanking new one in purple and blue with glitter and little zigzag bolts knotted into the design. "Ooooh. You're like a girl scout. All prepared and stuff."

Jelly Tremor limped over to the rail. Too soon to walk, but she didn't care. Black pearl eyes watching the other kids on the beach. Respirator releasing the softest of hisses.

River Grau shakes his head at Luci, "I'm a bear. Rawrrrr." Frowning under his mask he sent out another text, "If she dun' message me, then Mister Randulf is gonna be my Daddy without askin'. Her fault." He grumbled. An ear flicked as he heard the respirator noises and tried to pinpoint the familiar noise as he had yet noticed Jelly.

Jaina Lefevre looks at the bracelet and her eyes go wide. "You made me a new lucky bracelet?" She looks from the bracelet, to Luci and back again. "Really?" Then she frowns. "What's a girl scout? Is that like a park ranger?" She looks over at River and nods. "Good."

Luci Jameson stoops to put her book on the sand. She straightens and unties the bracelet. "Gimme your wrist, Jainey-loo. Yup. New lucky bracelet. And we'll tie this one on so it won't fall off. Girl Scouts...they've like rangers, yeah. Sure. Sort of. They go to meetings and sell cookies and do fun stuff for badges on their uniforms." She glances over at River. "Who you texting, Brer Bear?"

Jelly Tremor climbe

Analogous Study

Analogous Study

August's color design class challenge was with analogous colors. I've been doing t-shirts and thread painting with a picture taken of a serpentinite rock slab Monte has. I print the picture from my computer, through the ink-jet printer, onto iron-on transfer paper. I decided to have it be my base "material" for the art quilt, along with a photo of a rock formation reflection Monte took in Norway. Then I printed some other photos reflecting tools and scenes from his geology world.

Serpentinite is like the origin of life substance (Monte of course would say this differently). It's related to the oil world. Origin relates to DNA. When Googling DNA, I saw lots of spiraling images, so was thinking spiral or diagonal when laying out the images. When taking geologist/scientists on a field trip through California, Monte took a picture of an oil bubble, capturing his and Stan's reflection in the bubble. I put the bubble image somewhat in the center.

So the dominant analogous color is green shades with some blue as accents. Then I printed a saying he's had in his office for years -

"Little boys who pick up rocks
either go to prison or become geologists.

"Geologists are Boy Scouts who hated to give up camping
when they went to college, so they majored in geology.

"A geologist listens to more silly questions
than any other human, and he must
weigh each answer with the greatest of skill.

"Have pity on him. He's just as lonesome as he looks,
He'd love to tell you everything he knows,
but he doesn't know how."

I was going to dye some material to add to the composition, but decided the photo image materials were enough. After stitching it all together I couched a variegated green yarn around each picture - this is the "quilting" thru the layers. There is a bamboo batting and a camo material backing. I crocheted a long "string" and attached it all around as the edging. I was going to crochet a lot of rectangles with the yarn to fill in the edges making it a total rectangle, but Monte likes it best with it's funky perimeter.

boy scout t shirt designs

boy scout t shirt designs

BOY SCOUTS HANDBOOK The First Edition, 1911

The BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA is a corporation formed by a group of men who are anxious that the boys of America should come under the influence of this movement and be built up in all that goes to make character and good citizenship. The affairs of the organization are managed by a National Council, composed of some of the most prominent men of our country, who gladly and freely give their time and money that this purpose may be accomplished.

"Where it began"

The BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA is a corporation formed by a group of men who are anxious that the boys of America should come under the influence of this movement and be built up in all that goes to make character and good citizenship. The affairs of the organization are managed by a National Council, composed of some of the most prominent men of our country, who gladly and freely give their time and money that this purpose may be accomplished.

"Where it began"

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