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make your own t shirt no minimum

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to the future

to the future

I've been hiding in the shadows for a little while now - It's been a bit since I've posted anything and it's been even longer since I've expressed any feeling in the form of a blog. Man I've got a lot on my mind and I think this is going to end up longer than I had anticipated, to the point where I may break it up some for tomorrow, we'll see - time to let it flow, so read along if you'd like. grab a beer, grab a coffee. thanks for hanging out.

1. Artprize: obviously the big one here and the all consuming, all media loving, crazy intense art contest that has spread into the very being that is every person within the greater Grand Rapids area - I cooked dinner in my own home tonight for the first time in over two weeks. I participated this year and had a lot of positive feedback from a lot of great people. I installed a series of nine images that I am incredibly proud of and would not have done or edited any different for the restaurant that I have them in. A TON of people were able to walk by them and see what it is that I am capable of doing. The images fit so well into the space I have them in, I overheard many people say that these must have all ready been here - not part of Artprize - then move along. Is that success or failure? Does my seamless transition from Italian restaurant to Art on the wall of scenes of Italy work too well? I had a lot of great conversations with people of all walks of life and I shared a lot of drinks with people and made some new life long friends potentially. I can't say enough about the relationship between the artist and the venue. That helped a lot - I did about 99% of the work that needed to be done, but my venue owner let me and wanted me to do all that. Not that he didn't want to do it, but he wanted to make sure it was done correctly. I respect that - I'm good with that.

I am really really happy with my craftsmanship on my installation. By no means did I get a chance to view the other 1261 artists that were competing in the event so I am not speaking for everyone here, but man my stuff looked a hell of a lot better than much of the similar genre photography that I saw out there. No one else did Italian imagery - I'm referring to the classic nature of my approach. The clean lines. The feeling of another place. The mood of a past setting. Tooting my own horn, but man I feel I should have gotten more attention. That attention was tough to come about though - I'm showing in a restaurant that only seats 55 people, it's quaint and small but filled with life. On an average week night there might be 10-20 patrons at any given time throughout the evening. Starting on tuesday, it was pretty busy but once the whole thing started, the room was maxed out at 55 people with a line out the door - it was incredible. Were they all there to see me? No, but many were. The majority were looking for a great place to eat that was not fast food and would not break the budget. From Tuesday to Saturday the place was jammed, 55 at a time. I was there for much of the time and if any of you know me, I love to read body language and non verbals and am usually pretty spot on. Everyone was too intimidated to slowly walk around and look at my work. They were missing the message, the images were there but they were not being seen. I watched people walk in, see the crowd, then walk out all week. I saw people look into the window, see the crowds, and avoid the restaurant like the plague. I don't blame them, I would have done the same. It was too much. A photo friend of mine, Lynell, had a great series of photos in a great venue across the street in a wide open format where 55 people were walking by every few minutes, not every hour. She had a great response and was ranking very well in the top 100 for a long time and may have even finished ranked by the time the top ten was done. I really wonder how I would have fared in a space like that? On Sunday, the kitchen of my venue was closed but the door was open for the art only. I pulled all the tables into the middle of the room and created an easy loop for everyone to walk through, put on a little classic rock, and let the masses in. It was my best day for viewing. I watched people come in all day - some really enjoyed it, some were in and out in 30 seconds. But those who did it slowly really made me feel great. I watched so many people stop and study the work, ask questions, talk amongst themselves - and vote. That felt great. I really enjoyed that - it filled me with warmth.

2. It's not all about the votes. It's about walking the walk and being seen. Again, those that know me know that many times I really hold nothing back when it comes to anything I want to talk about - except art. I cannot self promote as strongly as so many did. There is nothing wrong with it if it is done tastefully and appropriately but so much of it was not. I could not bring myself to do it. Prior too I did make every effort I could to get the word out that I was partak



This is from Friday, when the weather cooled down but it wasn't raining yet.
It's been raining all weekend.

I wanted to take Israel on a long bike ride to wear him out because I was going to take the dogs to see the greyhounds at the pet store.

Well, with the rain, I couldn't even take him for a walk. But I went anyway, even though I knew it would be a problem since they would be forced inside of the store. It's very small inside and Israel has never liked that particular store--even though nothing has ever happened in it. The times we've gone in there have only been a couple people inside and they don't bother him, but he's entered with his tail between his legs and trembling like a leaf over nothing.

Strike one.

I muzzled him and got mixed reactions. One guy made a snide remark about "that thing on his face" as he walked by--loud enough for me to hear but he wasn't going to have the balls to actually say it to me. Fucking moron. I should have kicked his ass. Another woman seemed excited and asked me about it and said she could have used that with her own dog who had a history of abuse and would snap.
Meanwhile I tried to get Israel to notice that Judah was very calm and collected, not bothered by the people or the dogs. None doing. He was terrified. Tail between legs, violently shaking. Israel is bold as brass at home, not so out and about. Judah is his security blanket--she and Rachel went about seven feet away and he started crying. Sigh.
We stayed for over an hour and he managed to calm down somewhat, but it was still a horrible experience.
He sniffed the greyhounds and didn't seem to mind the larger males, and by "not mind" I mean he didn't try to kill them. They're very good natured to begin with and don't bother people or dogs. The female got sniffed thoroughly by Israel and he liked her, but she was indifferent. The males tried to get a sniff but backed off--they were smart.
I tried to keep control of Israel but there were so many people walking around us and dogs passing by that it was impossible.

We talked about how Israel has amazing eyes and people want to stare into them--and that is the one thing Israel simply can't stand. He can't, not even for a moment. If he even thinks you're staring him down, he growls in warning. It's ridiculous--mostly with men, though.
I can stare him in the eye--he'll gladly keep eye contact with me. He knows I'll knock him down a peg or two if he gets even slightly shitty with me. I have no doubt that he definitely sees me as the pack leader.

At one point he began to draw a bead on another dog and all I did was growl low and he snapped out of it, looking up at me and cowering a little in apology.


And that makes it worse. If I'm frustrated, then he's terrified that he's done something wrong, even when he hasn't. I get frustrated by people's misconceptions of him, the way people let their dogs lunge at him, and the way people sneered at the muzzle like I was a bad person with an equally evil dog. I want to make him a shirt that he can wear that says "I'm muzzled because you and your dog are assholes."
It's just come to the point where I can't put off taking them for walks unless there's weather like this. I need to get off my fat ass and do it, otherwise we'll get NO WHERE. suck it up, buy a bike rack, or bike the two miles to the trail. Sheesh. I act like it's a big deal when it's not. And I also doubt my ability to train and handle my dogs when I know that if I just worked at it, it would change immediately. Israel isn't stupid and he is more than willing to listen to me but I also have to control my temper. The minute I raise my voice he's done and there's no use trying to continue training.
I'm tempted to get an E-collar because using the prong collar tonight at the bare minimum was too much for him to handle. He acted like I ripped his heart out and stomped on it. You don't know sensitive until you've gotten upset with your pit bull...They definitely take it personally.

All in all, it was a miserable experience and I hope it won't be repeated.

There are several steps I'm considering taking:

Getting a service vest that says something to the effect of "Working, Don't Pet Me" so when we're out in public I can work on him focusing on only me and nothing else--people or dogs.
Definitely building a spring pole to work off his energy on top of long walks or bike rides.
Looking into weight-pulling for him.
Possibly neutering him next year.
Getting him to the point where he can be off leash, but never actually letting him off leash. I want his ass to get back to me the first time I call him.

Judah's not excluded. For the sake of her shoulder we won't bike, but we will take long walks, and she is going to learn to heel, dammit! And recalls, we must work on recalls.

make your own t shirt no minimum

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